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Who We Are

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When you believe, the wind blows in favor.º

When we started our journey, 25 years ago, we almost immediately identified the need to innovate ... To be different. That was when we decided to look for new alternatives to old concepts.
If we didn't, it was clear that we would end up sailing in circles and doing the same work that other companies already offered.
Between risking and stagnating, we opted for the more difficult one. And to everyone's surprise, including ours, this concern worked and the percentage of assertiveness was very high. We conquered new markets - cinemas, shopping malls, hotels, industries, pharmaceuticals and so on. This motivated us to invest more and more in unique and differentiated processes. As in a regatta, we avoided looking back and also tried not to get too far, so as not to be isolated in the market. And so it was, gathering a team of bold, united, determined and taking it one step at a time, that we reached the highest level of understanding and comprehensiveness, contemplating engineering solutions for all stages of each project.