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In 1978, Sister Angela Mary, an American nun, and Luiz Carlos dos Santos, a young sociologist, began work to attend and recover young addicts in the neighborhood of Capela do Socorro, in the south area of São Paulo. After nearly five years, given the extreme difficulty found in recovering, they decided to invest in drug use and violence prevention work.
In 1982, they bought a shack in the Vinte slum and started an educational program of the Youth Orientation and Education Center, which was called the Sol Project.

Sister Angela is in Brazil since 1965; she was a teacher and the director of the Santa Maria School that belongs to the Sisters of the Holy Cross Congregation. Graduated in ballet and permanently training herself in various artistic modalities, she used these tools to attract girls and teenager of the City outskirts to dancing. At the same time, Luiz Carlos organized the boys to play football.

After more than 30 years of existence, the Project Sol shows that a pedagogy based on art education, culture and sports, to rescue dignity and individual self-esteem, based on commitment with the community and family appreciation, results in the social transformation of the human being.